What can we capture for you?

We’d love to hear what you’re working on and figure out where we fit in. Get in touch with us to discuss your project, request a quote or just drink some coffee. We’re always open for new connections.

01. Concept

If you want to make a video, it is always useful to have the goal in mind. So let’s connect and share  your ideas with us. We will come up with a nice creative proposal which will blow your mind!

02. Script

Most video productions need a script. With the help of a script we can show you the video on paper before we start filming. This gives us and the client a nice look and feel on what the results are going to be.

03. Film

We also love this part of creating video’s. Filming a video is more than just point and shoot. Of course we will make sure your video has great quality but also audio, lightning, compositions and even camera movements are very important. We have all the right equipment to make your video stand out.

04. Edit

This is where the magic happens. Even if you already have the footage or if it is not possible to film, we can still visualize your message. The editing process is actually like a puzzle, creating a storyline of scenes which come together, adding the right music and transitions will make the video absolutely remarkable and even more powerful.

it's a wrap!

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