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DutchFiets | 3.0 project


Videography, Editing



DutchFiets originated from technical research, driven by innovation that is turning the market upside down.

The challenge was clear: make a bicycle that doesn’t end up as waste. The answer turned out to be plastic through many detours! With all its freedom of shape, a wonderful material to work with and, moreover, to recycle, without consuming a lot of energy. The concept has been proven with a driving prototype, followed by a crowdfunding campaign: more than 100 bicycles, within six days, delivered at the end of 2016.

The crowdfunding bicycles proved to be the ideal basis for a greatly improved design, which was approved according to international safety standards by the independent EFBe Prüftechnik GmbH. Now it is time for a 3.0 unisex model!

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